Which Game Console Should You Buy? | Top 3 Console For Gamers 2020

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A game console doesn’t necessarily give a better gaming experience than a PC. However, it has many features that make it a great entertainment package. You can stream videos, play movies, and listen to music. You can save your game and share it with your friends.

A game console is a device that you connect to your TV. It lets you play the game on the big screen and gives you a better gaming experience. There is not a lot of competition in this industry. The three main competitors are Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. So when you buy a game console, you have to choose between these three companies.

Microsoft Xbox One S

With Xbox, you can easily switch between media. For example, you are playing a racing game, then you can start watching a movie with no problem. It supports various media streaming services like Netflix, iView, etc. The game functions have not changed; it is still the same as its predecessors.

By subscribing to Xbox Game Pass, you will be able to download various Xbox 360 games. There will be no compatibility issues. With it, you can get 4K streaming and Blu-ray player. You can record in-game footage and share it on social media.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

This game console is portable and many gamers prefer it over others. It has a table-shaped screen, so you can play on your bed or sofa. You can even take it outside. You can also connect it to your TV.

Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4)


The PS4 has more features than the PS3. It supports 3D Blu-ray playback. It supports different media formats like mp3, AVI, MP4, etc. You can share content on social media. You can save images of your game and share them with the gaming community. This console supports virtual reality using the PlayStation VR headset. You can get a slim version of this PlayStation.

The prices of these consoles are very similar. It is not possible to get a lower price on these consoles. So no matter where you buy them from, you will get the same price. The difference isn’t big. So, when considering purchasing a console, you should consider your own preferences, features, games and functions.

You can buy many accessories at the same time as your game console. You can purchase additional storage space, motion detection equipment, etc. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are working hard to find more innovative consoles. Later versions of these consoles will be more sophisticated and offer better functionality.

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