This article is set to guide you on the best Eevee Evolution on Nintendo handheld games for the lovers of pokemon games. This is a collection of best eeveelution Pokemon GO as we form the best eevee evolution chart for you.

Pokemon GO has anyone in a Pokemon games at hand, from children who have just been exposed to the dynamic world of powerful creatures and adventures, to adults who were once freak like those teens with their GameBoys. Along with the reminiscence of satisfying that Pokedex came along different debates as to which one is the best.

With the sudden release of Pokemon GO, Sun and Moon types of Pokemon, almost everyone has shown their interest in the game, with different argument and debate, has to which Eeveelution is supreme.

In this article, you will be taken on the comprehensive comparisons of the best Evee evolution taken into consideration, their types, Ability, Evolve state, strengths, and weaknesses as well as their special moves.

Below are the top 8 best Eeveelution in Pokemon GO;

1. Glaceon


Glaceon is an Ice-type evolution development. This genre is attained when evolving at a level that is near an Ice Rock. Its ability involves Snow Cloak.

Glaceon popularly refers to as Glacia in Japan is a Pokémon species seen in Nintendo and Game Freak’s Pokémon franchise.

As an Ice-type evolution, this implies that Glaceon is a glass cannon. It is awfully powerful against other types such as Dragons but is dreadfully defensive. Evolving to Glaceon does not offer any immunities, and the only kind of resistance is other Ice-types, something like Vaporeon is also resistant to along many others.

Presently, ice-types uses speed so they can change first before their long list of threats, but Glaceon is not so fast, which makes using Glaceon a bit difficult without support from other team players irrespective of its good defensive stat provisions.

Glaceon moves involve the following; Blizzard—Ice, Last Resort–Normal
Ice Beam—Ice, Shadow Ball—Ghost, etc.

2. Flareon


Flareon is among the best Eeveelution. It is a Fire-type Pokemon in nature. Some of its weaknesses include; Rock, Water, and Ground – moreover all three, specifically Ground and Water, are common and are Fire’s main Challenge defensively.

As attacking proceed, this Eevee gets pretty potent. Tactlessly, even with all of its benefits in the defense and damage in dealing department, Flareon cannot hold a candle to its members.

Flareon proves to be drearier and at least it’s all the same fluffy. Some of its moves involve; Flare Blitz—Fire, Double-Edge—Normal, Will-O-Wisp—Fire, Giga Impact—Normal, etc.

3. Leafeon


Leafeon is a Grass-type evolution of Eevee. It has one of the more magical looking appearances, looking somehow like a wood-elf crossed with a fox. What makes Leafeon explicit is its list of useful resistances which include: Ground, Electric, Water, and Grass.

It evolves when is leveled up near a moss rock and its ability is a leaf guard.  All of those are equally mutual meaning Leafeon could easily have an encounter with other trainers.

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Nevertheless, Pokemon’s list of Leafeon’s weaknesses includes poison, bug, flying, ice, and fire which is capable of causing damages to it.  Four of those are just as communal as the types that Leafeon is resistant to, and with zilch immunities, it is difficult to find a motive to make room for this delightful creature in any roster.

Leafeon is at its very best if one takes advantage of the feature that makes it exclusive. There aren’t a lot of physically aggressive based Grass-types that could be useful depending on the kind of situation, and it is proficient in using Swords Dance to enhance its attack and also Baton Pass it to another team member if the need arise which is cool. It ranks among our Best Eevee Evolutions.

4. Jolteon

Best Eevee Evolutions

Jolteon is an Eevee type with an Electric version of evolution, which presents it to have one of the most badass appearances of the Eeveelutions.

It is also known as thunder in Japan and Jolteon evolves when the thunderstone is used with its strong ability in volt absorb. One of Jolteon’s weaknesses is Ground which however is not a good weakness to posses but if it is the one thing that makes you worrisome, you can still live with it.

Irrespective of other Eevee evolutions though, Jolteon is moderately defenseless. It’s not that Jolteon is useless or anything of that nature. however, it is embedded with high speed and powerful electric attacks.

Jolteon also acquires few irregular moves to expand its range, such as the Bug-type Pin Missile, but tactlessly, a lot of its strikes are mostly physical rather than indirect. Jolteon is essentially powerful, it is capable of dealing with lots of damages in a pretty short time. But, as swift, as it can dish it out, it can go down quicker too.

For effective use of Jolteon, you must get it in at the right time and a switch out quickly when start looking dicey. Jolteon is actually a hit and run kind of pokemon whose moves include Thunder—Electric, Volt Switch—Electric, Double Kick—Fighting, Hyper Beam—Normal. Jolteon comes in the 4th position of the Best Eevee Evolutions.

5. Umbreon

Best Eevee Evolutions

Umbreon Pokemon was introduced in Gold and Silver. The Eevee evolution is a dark type of pokemon and it evolves when it is leveled up in the night with a high degree of friendship, also with a moon shard in once bag.

Apart from its look which is sleek black and gold, one the reason most players use this particular Pokemon is that it’s essentially useful for its high defensive stats and invulnerability to Psychic-type.

Umbreon Ability involves synchronizing copies of burn, paralyze, and poison condition back into the inflictor, but these characters can’t save Umbreon’s lack of moveset.

Unlike Espeon that may be resistant to the Dark, Umbreon on the other hand straight fully ignores Psychic-type moves, while also showing acute resistance to Ghost and Dark genre.

Umbreon’s major weaknesses include bad offensive stats and a bad offensive move pool. It depends on Foul Play for mutilation which is alright, but not all ideal. To this end, Umbreon is better as a support/defensive Eevee Pokemon than an attacking one.

Some of the Umbreon moves include; Toxic—Poison, Moonlight—Fairy, Shadow Ball—Ghost and Foul Play—Dark, etc. It has been the best eevee evolution sword and shield so to consider.

6. Espeon


Espeon is one of the best Eevee evolution. It was introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver as part of the second generation of Eevee in Pokemon. While hundreds of other new monsters were being presented, the developers wanted to play further with the new day and night system by ensuring they can influence how an Eevee Pokemon develops.

Apart from its luxurious look, Espeon has a pretty small number of weaknesses. They include Dark, Bug, and Ghost. Whereas the Bug-types are common, the other two are not, this makes Espeon an outstanding addition to almost any team.

Known in Japan as Eifie, Espeon is a psychic type of Eevee evolution. It evolves once it is leveled up with a degree of high friendship in the morning or day time or with a shard of the sun in your bag. It can synchronize.

The best part of this Espeon is arguably its hidden ability which is Magic Bounce. It ensures that incoming status moves in been reflected. This is specifically useful in competitive fighting where most players make use of status moves such as Spikes and Stealth Rock. without having it on your side, with some degree predictions, you can truly turn the tables against your opponent as they set it on themselves. Espeon remains the Best Eevee Evolutions for you to play.

Here are some of the best moves for Espeon: Psychic—Psychic, Psychic Terrain—Psychic, Bite—Dark, Dazzling Gleam—Fairy, etc.


7. Vaporeon


Vaporeon is one of the most blessed Eevee evolutions in Pokemon. Been a water type of Eeveelution in pokemon, it evolves once a water stone is been used. Its unique ability centers on water absorbed. The Grass and Electric weaknesses of Vaporeon can be a strain, but it could be much worst. Its strong opposition makes its resistances to be viable.

This particular Eevee evolution has a rock-hard defense and is built around being feasible support options on the field. This Vaporeon an excellent asset in striking a balance in your Pokemon team. Although Vaporeon can Rod Pass massive Replacements to teammates but thanks to its super high HP which greatly increases its defensiveness with Acid Armor, and burn its opponents with its Scald.

Notwithstanding Vaporeon weaknesses to Grass, Electric, and the inadequate use of offensiveness besides the strong Water attacks, one can take the good alongside the bad in this case. To this end, Vaporeon is one of the best Eevee evolution that can enhance cool things for your teammate.

Some of its best movepool include the following: Aqua Ring—Water, Icy Wind—Ice, Giga Impact—Normal, Water Gun—Water, etc.

8. Sylveon


Sylveon is a 6th generation Eevee development. It encompasses an Eevee’s Fairy-type evolution which makes it one of the most loveable, couple with its pink and blue ribbons and a huge blue eye. Using Sylveon requires about two things. Firstly, it must evolve from any Eevee that is acquainted with at least one Fairy-type moves. And secondly, it needs to have at least two Friendliness Hearts in Pokemon-Amie, which is a form of mechanic that was presented in Pokemon X and Y.

For all its attractiveness, it happens to be one with the toughest variation in its family of Eevee evolutions. Two of its weaknesses include Poison and Steel. Although they can enact a problem that can be managed easily, with the aid of a balanced team that can counteract any unexpected appearances of these deadly types of Eevees.

Sylveon has a strong resistance to Dark, Bug, and Psychic-types. The greatest part of this Eevee evolution though is its comprehensive immunity to any Dragon-type attacks and its supreme effectiveness against each of them offensively. Obviously one of the best eevee evolution for attack.

Although the Dragon-types are not always the most common types, they are listed among the most powerful Eevees. Being capable to dodge all the damages from this type, along with other useful attacks such as Pixelated, it is something worth big-headed about. Hence, this helps Sylveon to stand out head and shoulders beyond all other Eeveelutions types.

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That has been our Best Eevee Evolution Pokemon picks. Think different? Our comment box is open.

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