You probably would be asking; how do you build a raft in stranded deep? Sure, that’s why you stumbled on this blog post today. Meanwhile, we are always ever ready to give you some amazing how-to gaming tips including How to Build a Raft in Stranded Deep today. These 4 steps tips covers, gamers on Xbox, PS4, and PC which are the platforms stranded deep are currently running at the moment.

On a personal note, I can fully say that the lifeboat every player begins with in stranded deep is actually a lot more durable and quite unlikely to tip than that build by you in the process of playing. The tip is greatly observed by cautious players, capitalizing on its speed and versatility which seems to be some of its amazing features.

Building a raft in Stranded Deep requires several steps and we have spread ours to four. The player is expected to create a base, a floor, and some kind of propulsion system. As we get in fully, we will show you some multiple options for each step, and rafts that are very customizable in terms of both its appearance and what they offer. Meanwhile, for beginers, raft bases can be found in the rafts section of the crafting tab, and can be made from either of the following; buoys, wood, barrels, or tires. The specific requirements of each of them can be found right in the crafting menu, though they all function the same. When searching for barrels, tires, buoys, and shipwrecks are often the best place to start with.

These Are The Steps to Build a Raft on Stranded Deep

Let us put you through the 4 simple steps you need to build a personalized raft in this survival game;

Step 1: Create A Raft Base

Yep, the very first thing you must do while creating a raft here is ‘crafting a base’. There are a few ways along with materials for crafting your base but we will show you our own method with different materials.

For Tyre Raft Base: You need 2x Tyre and 1x Lashing

For Buoy Raft Base: 5x Buoy Ball and 1x Lashing

For Wood Raft Base: You need 14x Stick and 1x Lashing

Barrel Raft Base crafting: For Barrel Raft Base you need 3x Barrel and 1x Lashing.

Like you’ve seen there. Players have the freedom to combine the lashing with one of the available options to craft a raft base which is the first step. Your option and choice of material for craft base is solely dependent on the material at hand. So, design with what you have then.

Step 2: Design The Raft Floor

Now that you’ve gotten the base right, it is time to get a for which lies on top of the base. Just like the base, floor can be crafted with up to four materials depending on the one that is handy. Here we go;

Driftwood Raft Floor: materials and quantity needed are as follows; 4x Stick.

Plank Raft Floor: 2x Plank

Corrugated Raft Base: 2x Corrugated Steel

Clay Raft Base: 2x Clay Brick

For the purpose of long journey, we recommend brick and steel floor as they tend to last longer than other materials used. Corrugated steel and scrap are much harder to find because you need to build a Brick Station and a furnace, which lets you make bricks out of clay – and that can be a lot stressful. Meanwhile, Corrugated steel and scrap can be found in islands and crates.

Step 3: Accessories and Styling 

Now that you’ve successfully crafted the main areas, it is time to make the raft sailable with some controls like the move, stop, and steering functions. Below are the materials you need and their respective quantities.

Boat Motor: You need; 1x Duct Tape, 1x Engine Part, 1x Fuel Part, 1x Filter Part, 1x Electrical Part.

Sail: 1x Lashing, 1x Cloth, 2x Stick.

Rudder: 1x Lashing, 1x Cloth, 2x Stick.

Anchor: 4x Lashing, 1x Stick, 6x Rock.

Wondering where to find all these accessories? Locate them inside loot crates found inside underwater and bases. Meanwhile, if you can’t find these parts, then you should go for the sail but expect a slower movement as a result.

Step 4: Get Raft Ready To Sail

Now that you successfully created Raft in Stranded Deep, it is time to sail. Now, “L2″/”LT” on consoles or “RMB” on PC to drag the raft into the water and the journey begins.

Benefits of Raft in Stranded Deep

Haven created this raft, of what benefits is it to users? The main benefit of the raft in Stranded Deep is that it can be visually customized, updated with materials, expanded in size,  and can hold crates for the transportation of items for far and short distances. However, fuel is required to use, but the sail is much easier to craft and is also quieter when grooving on.

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