This is a simple and straight forward guide on How to Get a Cape in Minecraft Xbox One. Unlike what many think of how difficult this process is, we’ve put up quite a simple guide here. So, let’s get it going straight up.

Getting a cape in Xbox 360 or PlayStation is actually the simplest of them all as you only need three simple steps. Just before we jump into the actual job; why do you need a cape in Minecraft? To best of my knowledge ‘bragging’ and nothing more as the feature is mere vanity in the Minecraft world. You must have read a series of ways of getting a Minecraft in Xbox 360 for free all over the internet but believe me it may not work. However, this our guide will surely help you out.

Note: The only way to get a Cape in Minecraft Xbox One is to purchase a skin pack that comes with a cape.

This is How to Get a Cape in Minecraft Xbox One 2020;

Step 1: Navigating to Minecraft Store

Simply scroll the Minecraft store and open it.

Step 2: Choosing a Pack

In the store menu, select a pack that comes with a cape. There are actually many Minecraft skins with capes. Meanwhile, Skin pack 4 and Halloween pack contains a cape. Select and purchase a skin that costs about $1.99 each.


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Step 3: Changing Character Skin

Finally, change your character’s skin by opening the world. Open the “Menu” and select Help and Option. Choose “Change Skin and select the very pack you bought with the character that has a cape.

That’s that about getting a cape in Minecraft Xbox one. Though many have come up with their opinion that Minecraft cape can be gotten for free, I have not tried that anyway. If that is possible, then I am not a guru in Minecraft gaming just yet.

Minecraft Skins with Capes

These are the two best Minecraft skins with capes we recommend for you;

Halloween pack

Skin pack 4

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