ISC Chicago il is one of the five international service center in the states where incoming and outgoing mails and packages touchdown before being dispatched to their various destinations. However, users are always eager to know the meaning of the automated message “Processed through facility ISC Chicago il (USPS)” and we have made a comprehensive explanation here in this article.

Of all the international service centers in the states, That of Chicago is known to be notoriously keeping people’s mails and packages for a longer period of time. This is from responses we get from people who have constantly been using this center.

Meanwhile, when your mail or package arrived at USPS regional destination facility Chicago il international distribution center, the next thing you should be getting is – Processed through facility ISC Chicago il (USPS) alert. This simply means your package has gone through the necessary office check and moved to the customs office. Next is delivery to your doorstep, but in some cases, it takes longer than it should be.

ISC Chicago il (USPS) – What Does It Mean?

Well, the abbreviation ISC Chicago il (USPS) simply means ‘International Service Center Chicago’. This is one of the locations where packages and mails coming into America is processed.  The processes involved here are; screening of mail, screening packages, sending to custom for final clearance before proceeding to any state in America for products coming into the US. This same process is applicable to products going out of the state too.

What Does Processed Through Facility ISC Chicago il (USPS) Really Mean?

Your item has been processed through our facility in ISC Chicago il (USPS what does that mean)? Well, This simply means your package has gone through the necessary office check and moved to the customs office. But here let’s explain in more regard to how USPS treats and handles incoming international packages from around the world. When a package’s status changes to show that it’s been processed through an international service center (ISC) like that of Chicago, it will have to go through US customs, get imported, and then released for USPS to start transporting it.

Note: Once you get the message ” Item processed through our facility in ISC Chicago il”. It should be in Customs Inspection, which is in Chicago for part of the USA.

How Long Does a Package Stay in ISC Chicago

Honestly one can’t get an accurate answer to this question straight away. However, it should take two days at most as users of other international service centers across the country have been having similar services. But on the other hand we may not be to tell if it is after when packages are dispatched from USPS international service center, Chicago il international distribution center is when the delay starts. If it is so, then custom should be blamed for it.

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How Long Does it Take for a Package to Clear Customs in Chicago

48 hours at most. Checks and screening by the custom personnel should not be more than 48hours, but in many instances, we have had packages stuck for over 5 to 7 days or even more. One can understand the delays in the screening process these days, because of coronavirus most of transactions are made online which has simply had the USPS international distribution center overwhelmed. So, if you have international package stuck at ISC Chicago at the moment, then no need to panic as it will definitely be cleared once it gets to your turn.

Where Does Package Go After Departing Chicago il international distribution center?

If your package has departed USPS regional facility Chicago il international distribution center then the Custom office should be next. We have said this earlier but we had to rephrase it to help tackle the question as they come from users of this service. The arrival is what you will be thinking of next. However, we can’t tell exactly when, especially when the postal offices are saturated with mails. Mean, on a norm, it takes not more than 48 hours.

Chicago il international distribution center USPS phone number

Reaching out to the Chicago international distribution center will certainly come to your mind once your package get stuck, but how do you get through? Well, we will only give you a link to the United States Postal Services which will certainly have an answer to what question you put to them. However, you may also fill out the online complaint form or perhaps reach out to their contact page.

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