You probably would be asking, what are the best rimworld mods? Well, Here are the RimWorld Best Mods. Rimworld mods are modifications made to Rimworld which is a sci-fi colony simulator that has a large player base. The mods add features and expand the original game. These mods range from full overhauls like medieval times to quality life changes like research pal.

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Here are the RimWorld Best Mods;

1. EDB Prepare Carefully

This mod is a must for anyone who wants to customize their colonists. It is one of the most popular mods on the Steam workshop. This mod gives player flexibility and makes room for tweaking everything about the colonists. It is acceptable to tweak the colonists’ names, traits, equipment, stats, and appearance. This mod eliminates the limits the game uses to ensure a fair load out. This game, in addition, has the option of saving a player’s set up so it can be used again for the next colony.

2. Reunion

This mod allows you to make pawns that would be found through chased refugees, drop pods, and other joining events. It is idyllic for including extended friend group rather than wearing oneself out trying to control a dozen or more pawns at the beginning.

3. Colony Manager

This mod relieves the player of the stress involved in managing a task. All that is required of the player is to designate the quantity of wood and meat to be stored and then the colonists would take it up from there. This manager also assists with herd by choosing areas to keep away predators, herd training and taming, etc.

4. Hospitality

This allows visitors to be comfortable and prevents them from loitering around. Hospitality provides guest rooms for them which tells guests where and how they can move around. This mod designates items in an area as buyable and also improves relations between groups by having someone dote on them. It also adds options like opening a hotel and offering brewed beer.

5. Guards For Me

This new mod allows you to assign colonists as standing guards, bodyguards, and patrol guards. The patrol guards would follow set waypoints and attack any threat they see. The patrol guards can be made to walk outside the base to protect against incoming raiders and mad animals. The standing guards attack enemies from a single spot. The bodyguards follow designated colonists and provide protection from enemies. Guards for me is a great way to defend the colony.

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6. Tilled Soil

This is one of the most subscribed mods on the Steam Workshop. Its main function is adding tilled soil. Tilled soil gives plants grown on it same bonuses as fertile soil. Tilled soil allows crops to grow with 200% fertility allowing the player to focus more on base building and less on massive farms. This mod also has the ability to rehabilitate stone floors so that underground greenhouses can be made.

7. Wall Light

This is a decent mod that adds a new light on the constructed walls. These lights can be rotated so that they face any direction and are adequate for placing above workbenches or beside beds. Some wall lights come in colored form and can help achieve a disco room. This mod is compatible with old saves. The wall lights are easy to install and uninstall.

8. RPG Style Inventory

It is a wonderful mod that makes it easy to check colonists’ loadout. It has a color that represents the quality of the item. It has a small icon in each square that tells if the colonist or a corpse wears the item. This mod may, however, be incompatible with other mods that add slots on pawns.

9. Common Sense MOD

This mod makes the colonists smarter. This mod is suited for the bigger colonies as the colonists here clean their offices and rooms before working or sleeping. They also get their outdoors fixed during recreation.

10. Empire MOD

The empire mod allows you to recruit mercenaries, create vassal states, demand taxes, and rule over the less privileged in the society. It gives the player an avenue to make policies and add traits to villages. It is a wonderful addition to anyone looking for a new and fun way to play the game.

11. Quarry

This is an essential mod and it is wonderful for digging into the mountains. This mod eliminates the challenge of infestations arising from recreating the dwarven stronghold. Quarry allows the pawns to dig out of the ground thus providing access to an almost limitless supply of stones.

12. Color Coded Mood Bar

This allows you to check your pawns’ mood very quickly. This mod adds at the top of the screen and also has a colored bar behind each colonist’s figure. The higher the bar, the happier the colonist, and the lower the bar, the closer they are to having a mental break. It is a simple mod that helps you track who is happy and who is about to break their room as a result of a temper tantrum.

13. Expanded Prostethic and Organ Engineering

This allows you to craft synthetic livers, simple prosthetics-like peg legs to complex ones like bionic arms, synthetic kidneys, etc. It is a humongous mod with a lot of late-game research and development. The game also adds two new traders- the textile and prostheses trader.

14. While You’re Up

This mod helps keep the colony running efficiently without an obstacle hauled at the destination of a pawn. The colonists will scan their environment for anything that needed to be hauled around before commencing a new task. The colonist would grab any hauled item and put it in the proper location before commencing a task. This is one of the best mods for rim world 1.1.

15. Dubs Bad Hygiene

This mod goes into the depths of hygiene. It makes the rimworld feel as real as possible. It makes room for toilets, showers, and sinks. There is a central toilet for easy access by the colonists. It has a waste processing and sewage plant to handle waste outlets. The small toilets are situated close to the workplaces for convenience. Also included is a thermostat to control radiators.

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